In every suburb in Lebanon, there is a famous dish for it, and Zarour has made all the famous dishes in one menu.
The place is decorated and the colors are calm and very comfortable, and the pink and peach color is predominant in the place in every corner around you, not the plants around you in every corner, even the walls, which are planted, you will feel that you would like to go again and last but from a lot of what is comfortable psychologically And we As for us when we love to eat Lebanese food in a cozy and elegant place, we go to this great place.

The food for them remains a very pure second story indeed, in which stories and stories are told You will feel that the chef who is using his currency is still leaving Lebanon at once and the mushroom has entered to make you the dish he will eat, an amount of love in the plate that allows you to cut the first ticket on Beirut at once And of course we described you that we all in the pictures.

In addition to the needs that we love in Zaarour, the quality is the masterpiece in every need they use and the reasonable prices that suit anyone, but the people are able to mean what to eat and eat, and always what we see, the most important thing they have is you eat sweet food and be happy, and if you like you, do not like it.


99 Merghany St., masr el gedida, cairo, egypt

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